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Norway is as versatile as any country you will find. With just five million people, yet bigger than Britain, it is situated with the Polar Sea as neighbour. You will find incredible nature and an infra structure that makes it possible to maximize time and adventure. We can offer you everything from the most extreme challenges to the most sublime pleasures.


The Feelgood

Whether you come alone, with family or with friends, we will ensure you are entertained, dined and surprised.

We may stem from the Vikings, but we are also one of the most advanced countries in the world. This gives lots of room for pleasure, play, fun and fulfilling fantasies.

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The Adventure

The proximity of stunning nature in Norway is startling. Experience true adventures, beautiful scenes and tranquillity. With everything from a bonfire via extreme living to a room with a view you’ll never forget.

We bring you closer to the contrasts of life and nature that will be with you forever.

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The Challange

For being a very small country Norway has fostered explorers changing the world since the Vikings.

No other place gives you a better challenge than us, whether you want to ski, trek, sail, kayak, climb – or perhaps conquer the North Pole? If you are willing, we are ready!

ideas & activities

ideas & activities