Nature Positive Impact

Nature Positive Impact

Our Responsibility

At ATN we believe nature-based tourism can help generate new business opportunities, create new jobs and deliver sustainable income in rural communities.

We care deeply about the places we visit, the wildlife we encounter and the hosts that live in the remote corners of Norway.

As we travel to these increasingly fragile places our guides help clients understand the value of nature and how we can all contribute to protecting the places we explore and love.

We are committed to reducing our GHG emissions, minimize our waste, recycle and strive to eliminate the use of disposable plastics.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As creators of luxury travel experiences we know that our activities have an emissions burden and contribute towards climate change. As a company we’re working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate our impact through offsetting the emissions generated by our activities.


The emissions we generate in Norway impact the planet as a whole and so we choose to offset our emissions through supporting organisations that work on the front lines of global conservation. These projects protect tropical forests, stop habitat loss before it begins, support local communities and save endangered species.