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Iconic Norway

Lofoten and nothern norway

Far above the Arctic Circle, Northern Norway and the Lofoten islands are known for excellent fishing, Sámi culture and the spectacular natural phenomena of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

You'll never forget your first glimpse of Lofoten’s mountainous peaks and steep, rugged coastline. This is a truly wild place of staggering beauty that captures your heart and long stays in your memory.

Along the coast, fjords and islands of Northern Norway we’ll discover small off the beaten track villages, hike to majestic peaks, enjoy world-class seafood, kayak the crystal clear waters of remote island coves, marvel at whales hunting schools of herring in ink-black fjords and slowly wander along spectacular surf-swept beaches.

The Fjords of Norway

ATN’s favourite region of Fjord Norway is the county of Møre and Romsdal, a spectacular and rugged landscape of off-shore islands, deep fjords, towering snow capped mountains and the highest single drop rock face in Europe, the magnificent Trollwall.

Norway is a land of legend rich in Viking history with a fantasy landscape that matches the region’s folklore that tells the story of the eternal struggle between the Norse gods, man-eating Trolls and the Ice Giants of Jotunheimen.

The region offers visitors unlimited adventure opportunities that include superb biking, hiking, mountaineering and skiing on land and world-class sea kayaking, sailing, fishing and RIB-adventures off-shore.

Svalbard and the polar region

The Svalbard Archipelago is an arctic dream. A remote wilderness of snow covered peaks, vast glaciers, rocky island outposts and pack ice that is home to 2500 people and 3,000 polar bears. At 78° it's Europe’s arctic frontier, the last stop before the North Pole.

Each winter experience feels like a mini-expedition as we explore by dog-sled and snowmobile. Dark winter nights and northern latitudes create ideal conditions for spectacular Aurora Borealis displays. As Spring approaches days lengthen and temperatures rise allowing us to cruise the archipelagos outer edges by expedition yacht, photograph stunning marine wildlife from zodiacs and ski tour the remote backcountry and coastal peaks.

ATN’s Petter Thorsen is a past head of the Svalbard Polar Guide Training Programme and maintains an impressive and fascinating network of local friends, guides, scientists and researchers that allow access to locations that are ‘off limits’ to normal tourists visiting Svalbard.

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