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Perfectly designed active travel


We specialize in creating exclusive, innovative and luxurious experiences that are custom designed around your client’s preference and tastes.

Each client has a dedicated ATN programme planner to manage each and every detail of trip research, planning and execution. Constant communications between the trip guide and trip planner give flexibility and allow the details, pace and activities to change with the weather and energy levels.

Whether your clients want to charter an expedition yacht to explore the Svalbard archipelago, swim with Orcas in the northern fjords, or bike some of the world’s best mountain gravel we’ve got you covered.

Private together time

We understand time is precious for your clients and focus only on meticulously curated, seamlessly delivered, discreet arrangements.

We work closely with clients on privacy, safety and security planning in order to determine which destinations, accommodations, attractions and activities match their adventure and private group profile.


Our portfolio of handpicked historic lodges, luxury hotels, unique private retreats and expedition yachts provide activity focused bases to explore Norway’s most spectacular landscapes.

Our active focus means we have a passion for exploring Norway on foot, by bike, by kayak; and our Norwegian Navy Special Forces heritage means we’re as at home on and under the water as we are on land and in the air.

From Svalbard and the high arctic to remote fjords and uninhabited islands we’re experts in the art of survival in Norway’s rugged and challenging backcountry. Remote tented camps, free diving for the world’s best scallops and gourmet campfire dining under the midnight sun are experiences that define ATN’s concept of luxury.

Innovative thinking

ATN is founded by Special Operation Forces (SOF) operatives who are selected and trained to think “outside the box” and will never give up before a mission is completed.

Norway’s iconic landscapes have recently served as backdrops for film franchises such as James Bond and Mission Impossible and popular TV series such as Running Wild with Bear Grylls and Gordon Ramsay’s Uncharted Norway.

ATN can design challenging and unforgettable experiences based on these popular films and TV programmes; or create unique experiences based on Special Operation Forces survival training or search and evasion tactics.

Filling up a water bottle in a stream


Our deep local knowledge and an extensive countrywide network manifests itself as an extended ATN family that opens doors to a hidden world of inspirational and immersive experiences.

We focus on authentic destinations, hands-on learning, fascinating characters and carefully chosen routes that will immerse your clients in the culture, nature, cuisine and exhilarating activities of Norway.

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